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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum to book Onsite Muse Hair/Makeup Services?

Yes, we require a service minimum of $300 on the event date to book our professional artists.

My event is within 20 miles of your team's location, is there a travel charge?

No! We are happy to travel for free to clients within a 20 mile radius of our team's home cities. We just ask that parking fees be reimbursed when applicable.

I want airbrushed makeup and lashes, is it extra?

No!  Airbrushed makeup comes standard with all of our full makeup applications (it's simply the best!)  If you choose to have lashes, there is no up charge for them. Our makeup artists carry an assortment to achieve your desired look.  

I bought clip in extensions for my hairstyle. Do you charge extra to place and style them?

No! We love working with extensions and are happy to secure and style them into your preferred hairstyle at no additional cost.

I am eloping, will you do hair and makeup for just me?

YES!  As long as our $300 service minimum is met, we are happy to work with you.

I know exactly what I want, are trial runs required?

No!  Trial runs are great for guests who are on the fence about a style, have never had professional makeup, or want to try something out, but trials are never required.  Less than 5% of our brides actually have a trial and the rest just bring us a photo of their desired style on the event date.

I have very dark/pale/polka dotted/purple/yellow/mature skin, are you able to do my makeup?

Yes!  Our professional makeup artists are highly trained to work on ALL skin types and colors.  Our makeup kits are extensive and designed to work with all client's skin tones and textures.  Many of our makeup artists have been or are still working as cosmetology educators , therefor they are the ones teaching others how to do the latest trends, and work with the latest tools and products.  There is no "new girl," everyone is a seasoned artist.

I have kinky curly hair, can your hairstylists do my hair?

Yes!  Our professional hairstylists are trained to work on ALL hair textures, and lengths.  Many of our stylists have been or are still working as cosmetology educators , therefor they are the ones teaching others how to do the latest styles, and work with the latest tools and products.  There is no "new girl," everyone is a seasoned artist.

I am gluten free, can you do my makeup?

Yes! We are happy to use Temptu brand airbrush makeup. Formulas are oil-, phthalate-, sulfate-,
petroleum-, paraben-, and gluten-free; vegan; non-comedogenic; and hypoallergenic and not tested on animals.  We also cherry pick extras from our favorite professional brands, so just let your artists know your allergies and we are happy to adjust for you.

I am very sensitive to products, but want my hair/makeup done professionally.  Can you use MY products?

YES!  We want to make your day better.  We do not snob products and are happy to use whatever you feel most comfortable with.  Our goal is to have you feel confident and beautiful.

We are filming a TV / editorial / documentary / conference / performance. Are you experienced with TV/ studio / stage/ etcetera lightning and set protocol?

Yes!  Our professional staff regularly works with A-list celebrities and TV personalities.  We understand set protocol and have extensive commercial work backgrounds. We are skilled media artists and respect our client's privacy.

When is payment due?

A down payment of $150 is due at time of booking.  The remainder is due in full (at least) 10 days before your event.  This way no one is scrambling to tally payments or looking for their credit card when they should be carefree and celebrating YOUR big day. Small payments can be made along the way. Gratuity in not included.

Is gratuity included?

No!  We appreciate gratuity for good service, and it is not included on your prepay invoice. Artists are happy to accept tips after services are completed.

Do you do discounts for large parties?

No. I'm sorry, we do not.  Our professional staff is priced competitively and optional upgrades are already included for no additional fees.

Will your artists go to different locations to beautify all of my guests?

No. I'm sorry, we will not. Once we set up our hair/makeup kits (many weighing close to 70 lbs,) we will perform applications and styles at the scheduled location. The best advice I can give on a scattered group, is to find a large room for everyone to gather, or come and go as their services are completed. We may need to start your party much earlier than a venue allows access, so please confirm with them ahead of time. Also - You know who your early birds are, who gets along/stresses you out, and who is always late - schedule accordingly.

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